A delivery close to our hearts…


A delivery close to our hearts…

For many years, Daniel Hollran, who is the Transport Director at Telford Transport Solutions, has volunteered as a Shropshire Blood Biker, taking valuable and much needed blood supplies across the county to wherever it’s required.

Covering the Shropshire area, Daniel Hollran is always on hand to deliver blood!

Back at the end of February, Daniel, along with several other blood bikers were asked to escort the now famous Knife Angel sculpture, as it was being moved from Gateshead to Telford as part of its UK tour.

The Knife Angel, by renowned sculptor Alfie Bradley, is made up of over 100,000 seized and surrendered knifes. Originally on display at The British Ironwork Centre in Oswestry, this symbolic and now iconic piece of artwork is an amazing sight to behold, with it’s underlying message to serve as a reminder of the severity of knife crime plaguing the UK.

Daniel escorted it from junction 3 of the M54 to Telford’s Southwater Square, a regenerated area next to the Telford International Centre, usually bustling with people dining at one of the many restaurants and eateries. 

Originally intended to be on display for a couple of months here in Telford, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it will be on display here indefinitely until it is safe for it to be moved to its next location, prior to being returned to its home at Oswestry’s ‘British Ironwork Centre.’

Founding partners, Daniel Hollran (seen right) and Jason Woolley

“As both a keen biker and someone who wishes to help the local community, I’m proud to be a Blood Biker. I was honoured to have been selected as one of the escort bikes as the sculpture made its way to Southwater Square.”

Daniel Hollran, Transport Director
The Knife Angel sculpture, currently located at Southwater Square indefinitely.

Much of the blood that Daniel delivers is used for victims of knife crime, making the sculpture all the more poignant. In fact, it’s incredible to think that all those knives that make up the imposing sculpture were at some point on our streets!

“I know the police, in conjunction with the Knife Angel and what it represents, are working hard to educate both schools and the wider community of the misery that knife carrying causes families and the serious repercussions thereafter that knife crime has!”

Always happy to help, Daniel transported the chiller appliances to the Food Share Project

Never shy of a challenge and always ready to lend a hand, Daniel recently turned his attentions to helping the local branch of Food Share Project UK.

The safely delivered chiller storage enabled the Food Share Project to feed more families in need during lockdown

This organisation works tirelessly to feed those in need, so when a call-out for extra chilled storage was made, we were only too happy to help!

We don’t think that the Food Share Project UK could be happier!

As well as offering to loan the industrial chilled and frozen units, Daniel delivered them too.

This organisation alone fed an astonishing 4000+ families during the month of April, so we know our loaned appliances are certainly getting well used!