A safer service for you and our team


A safer service for you and our team

At Telford Transport Solutions the safety of both our workforce and our customers is paramount. 

Regardless of distance, every one of our truck and van cabs are thoroughly cleansed after returning from each delivery.

Working with the threat of Covid 19 is no longer something that we see as new or ‘unprecedented’. We now accept the safety precautions we have in place as ‘normal.’ Preventing the possible spread of Covid 19 is given as much credence and essential everyday attention, as we give to all the other aspects relating to ‘Health and Safety’ in order to fully protect both our workforce and our customers.

The welfare of our employees and customers is paramount…

“Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgement of the facts of a situation, then dealing with it.” 

Kathleen Casey Theisen

This quote encompasses the approach that we have taken to the pandemic, and it’s the stance that we have taken whilst going about our day-to-day business. 

To comply with current guidelines, hand sanitisation is strategically placed around our warehousing and offices.

Our high levels of service and flexibility remain the same as ever.

  • We are still able to offer a cost effective, dedicated courier service.
  • Our broad range of transportation vehicles remains unrilvalled.
  • We can still offer high quality warehousing with linked 3PL
  • As pre-Covid 19 we still have no wish to tie customers into long-term, binding contracts.
As before, TTS does not require the commitment to long term contracts!

So, other than an increased vehicle fleet and a growing array of clients, from all sectors of industry, how has Covid 19 affected Telford Transport Solutions? This is where the ‘dealing with it’ part of the saying comes in.

Rely on us to send your parcel safely and securely!

Within our warehouse facilities, our expert teams are ever present… albeit two metres apart. The washing facilities within our warehouses, offices and reception areas are regularly cleaned throughout the day.

Our extensive warehousing facility is now religiously cleaned throughout the day!

They also feature hand sanitisers; something that you will see throughout our premises, as well as within all our vehicles. All our staff including our drivers are kitted out with personal protective equipment (PPE) for both their wellbeing and that of our customers. Every one of our truck and van cabs are thoroughly cleansed after returning from each and every journey or delivery, regardless of distance. 

We are closely monitoring advice from the Freight Transport Association and the Road Haulage Association.

Whilst travel, in relation to transportation, is classed as essential and therefore not liable to the restrictions associated with personal journeys, Telford Transport Solutions is continuously monitoring the Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel information, as well as taking on board advice from both the ‘Freight Transport Association’ and the ‘Road Haulage Association.’ 

Supporting fellow key workers, at TTS we both store and deliver urgent PPE for the NHS.

We believe it’s a combination of all the above, along with our accommodating ‘can do’ attitude that now sees Telford Transport Solutions increasing its diverse customer-base, and we are now involved with storing and transporting PPE for the NHS, and working with organisations such as the ‘Food Share Project UK’ offering support and assistance in their day to day battle with Covid 19.

Since lockdown, we have been helping a local community food share project.

Here at Telford Transport Solutions we wholeheartedly embrace the saying “A problem is a chance for you to do your best!”

So, if you’re looking for a new transportation or warehousing partner, where health and safety is paramount, let Telford Transport Solutions help you and your business thrive in our new post Covid 19 world.