At Telford Transport Solutions, we take our role within the community seriously, and believe that by helping to contribute to society we can help build a better community to benefit all.

Being based in Telford since our inception and employing staff from Telford and the surrounding area, we feel it’s only right to put something back into the local community that has helped to support our growth.

Telford Transport Solutions is proud to sponsor and support ‘Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire Blood Bikes.

SSCBB is an urgent response service, providing the transportation of blood products, 100% free of charge, to NHS hospitals across Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire.

Daniel Hollran, a keen biker and Telford Transport Solutions joint founder, is often out at all hours and in all weather conditions, transporting urgently needed blood supplies and blood products across these counties. Regardless of this commitment, often undertaken in unsociable hours, Daniel still manages to smile and look alert, in his day-to-day duties as TTS’s Transport Manager.

Thanks to Daniel and other members of the SSCBB team, thousands of lives have been saved.

Jason Woolley and Daniel Hollran with a TTS artic showing sponsorship of Blood Bikes And the fleet of specially equipped, high performance Blood Bikes

Find out how you can support Blood Bikes by visiting

Jason Woolley front far left and Daniel Hollran front far right -Joint Founders of TTS and with them some of the coaches and students of the Wellington Boxing Academy

Telford Transport Solutions are proud sponsors of Wellington Boxing Academy, based at Mill Lane, Wellington, Telford.

Wellington Boxing Academy is a registered charity and has played in important role within the area for many years.

Whilst the academy provides fitness and boxing training for all ages, its express aim is to provide help and support to the younger generations. It does this by working closely with local authorities, courts and schools to educate young people and to instil both a level of discipline and sense of community, that will help them to not only integrate into society, but also, to achieve their life goals and ambitions. 

Besides giving its students life skills, that will help them in social, study and work environments, the academy has produced no fewer than five national boxing champions, many regional champions and two full time professional boxers!

This is due, in no small part, to the academy’s excellent team of staff which include head coach, Mo Fiaz and club president, Richie Woodhall who is the former WBC world champion. Together, they provide second to none coaching and support to all the academy’s students.

At Telford Transport Solutions, we are proud to help and support Wellington Boxing Academy’s valuable work by acting as its main sponsors.