Telford Transport Solutions keeps on delivering…

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Telford Transport Solutions keeps on delivering

Since March 24th, any transportation and logistic businesses have become part of the UK’s ‘key worker’ sector.

This division comprises of organisations and individuals allowed to travel and operate, in order to fulfil essential aims and objectives.

Our computer aided stock monitoring ensures we know where every item is located.

We keep on delivering

The ruling recognised the important key role that companies like TTS (Telford Transport Solutions) play in not only helping to keep the weakend pulse of our economy beating, but also to ensure that essential goods and products reach their intended destinations.

We aim to help our community whenever we can!

In fact, only very recently we offered to loan and transport one of our commercial fridges and freezers to a local branch of ‘Food Share Project UK‘, after they had put a call out on Facebook for some much needed, temperature controlled storage.

Our offering…

Over the last decade, TTS has developed a truly comprehensive portfolio of services, working with a broad spectrum of customers that include pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, clothing, furniture and engineering industries.

Our fleet of vehicles can transport all manner of products.

For these customers, TTS provides a dedicated courier service, along with their transportation and warehousing with linked 3PL.

We know the precise location of our clients’ stock holding at any one time!

TTS’s market leading levels of flexibility mean that you don’t have to be tied into long-term contracts.

At TTS we won’t make you sign long term contracts!

In fact, you can use any single aspect of Telford Transport Solutions’ service on an ‘ad-hoc’ basis, or alternatively TTS can work with you to formulate a plan, where various aspects of our services are combined to meet your businesses requirements.

The perfect time to give TTS a try?

With the current lockdown situation requesting that many businesses operate from home where possible, to keep travel to a minimum, owners and staff have had to adapt to a very different way of working.

Adhering to government guidelines, we can offer a comprehensive courier service.

Sending documents, letters, correspondence and packages in the main is not classed as essential. So, if you have an important letter, document or parcel, now marks the perfect time to entrust it to us! Our cost effective and highly efficient dedicated courier service will ensure that whatever you are sending reaches its destination on time and in perfect condition. 

Delivering to Food Share Project UK – possibly the most important delivery we’ve ever made!

For consignments of almost any size or weight, from pallets to large machinery, TTS’s extensive fleet means that it has an ideal vehicle to suit your requirements. Plus, our state of the art warehousing facilities mean that collections can be held and stored, and should you require it, be broken down, repackaged and dispatched to third parties, as and when the need arises. 

As a ‘key worker’ we are on hand to help you and your business!

Get in touch to find out how Telford Transport Solutions can help your business through these unprecedented times, or alternatively contact us for advice and a comparative quote.