Telford Transport Solutions offers support to charitable organisations

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Telford Transport Solutions offers support to charitable organisations

At Telford Transport Solutions (TTS) we have always taken time out to help the community in which we both live and work.

Whatever the weather, our Transport Director Daniel Hollran volunteers for the blood bikes

From our on-going involvement with the Blood Bikes to sponsoring a local boxing club, at TTS we have always aimed to support both the local community and further afield, realising that it could so easily be us and our families requiring such help.

A local boxing club is just one of the ways we support the local community

We recently assisted a local Ironbridge café, loaning them a catering vehicle so that they could continue to trade after the floods, which have affected so many businesses and homes in Shropshire.

Dale End Cafe in Ironbridge continued trading with a makeshift catering trailer

We can all too easily get ‘wrapped up’ with our own personal worries, or get weighed down with the many issues surrounding most UK businesses.

At TTS, we like to take time out to consider those less fortunate. It gives us a clear sense of perspective in these unsettling times and can be a welcome distraction from your own day to day issues, giving you chance to reflect on the fact that there are always others far less fortunate.

Sadly, in times such as these, charitable organisations will undoubtedly get overlooked, making it all the more important for everyone to help if they can.

Food Share Project UK were delighted to be loaned catering sized fridges and freezers

This last week, we helped our local branch of ‘Food Share Project UK’ by donating a catering fridge and freezer, after they put a ‘shout out’ for some much needed, temperature controlled storage.

One of our most important deliveries ever made to Food Share Project UK

Our own Transport Director Daniel Hollran swapped the saddle of his blood bike for the cab of one of our HGV’s and personally delivered the appliances himself.

Daniel Hollran en-route to delivering the urgently required chilled food storage

This donation will greatly aid ‘Food Share Project UK’ with their food distribution efforts during this especially difficult ‘lock-down’ period, keeping food supplies fresh for those who need it most.

Some of the volunteers at a local branch of Food Share Project UK

At the same time, TTS took into storage almost 400 pallets of a variety of consumer goods for the Prince of Wales charity ‘In Kind Direct’. This is an organisation that takes goods donated by companies and distributes them to UK (and overseas) charities, making good use of products that would otherwise go to waste. 

In these difficult times, keeping transportation flowing is key to getting essential supplies to where they are most needed, and we are only too glad to help. If you think we can help to support your business or charity with transport or warehousing assistance, please get in touch.