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TTS – open to all ideas, challenges and jobs!

At Telford Transport Solutions (TTS) we welcome all enquiries to do with transportation, warehousing and 3P logistics, no matter how unusual they might be. In fact, the more challenging jobs – the ones where we have to dig deep to create a solution, are the ones on which we thrive!

An unusual request…

One of the more unusual project requests we recently received came in from the Vegetarian Society.

In preparation for the freshers’ weeks of several universities, the Vegetarian Society was looking to employ the services of a company who could oversee the total fulfillment (design, production, packing and delivery) of a vegetarian food ‘goody box’.

The Vegetarian Society freshers’ food box

Taking delivery of the products from all the suppliers involved with the project was no small feat; but this was just the beginning!

The external design of the Vegetarian Society packaging.

We were also tasked with organizing the design and production of the recyclable and biodegradable packaging; the collation and packing into the boxes of the food items, fulfillment of coupons and additional information that raised awareness about environmental issues, such as climate change, plus distribution.

As well as food, the boxes raised awareness about environmental issues.

The palletised boxes needed to be sent to the universities in Canterbury, York, Sheffield and Birmingham, to arrive just in time for each of their respective student /fresher weeks. 

So how did we pull it off? 

Our extensive, 100,000 sq. ft. warehousing facility, backed by the latest stock monitoring technology and 3PL service certainly helped.

Our extensive warehousing facility is backed by the latest in stock monitoring technology.

Then, when you add into the equation our team’s multi industry experience, along with an ability to think creatively about solutions, it’s easy to see how the Vegetarian Society’s brief was met by TTS with perfect results.

At TTS, we like to think outside the box!

We relished the opportunity of getting involved with a refreshingly different project, particularly one that had an underlying environmental message. So, if you have a project that doesn’t fall into the ‘conventional transportation and warehousing remit’ then get in touchTTS can most definitely help!